Daily Devotional Ebenezer

by Yvette van Niekerk

This book of mine has not been thrown together by chance and united by a series of coincidences, no! God has been speaking to me and is the result of Daily Devotional Ebenezer inspired by circumstances and experience by me and friends and family. In 1 Samuel 7 verse 12, we read “Then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpah and Shen, and named it Ebenezer, saying “Thus far the LORD has helped us.” When I was studying God’s Bible, and I was in a place of dark and uncertain times, “Thus far the LORD has helped me.” stood out on the pages and I knew God was with me in every situation when my life seemed to be filled with brutality. My life-changing attitude started when I connected with the Ancient of Day, God Almighty through daily worshipping, prayer and devotion.

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