Respect for Authority

December 17, 2022 Respect for Authority Good morning, today I want to dedicate my grandchildren to God’s hand. Lord, today I want to pray that Gizel, Anabelle, Briana, Cuba and Devan have respect for authority. Lord instill a high regard for our government and law enforcers. May they also enjoy a great relationship with theirContinue reading “Respect for Authority”

The Perfect Marriage Partner

Good morning, today I want to think about my children and also my family’s children. Finding the perfect marriage partner is key to a happy and healthy marriage. I know from experience life is hard at times and when there is no trust the marriage fails. I have been thinking about this for some time,Continue reading “The Perfect Marriage Partner”

Granddaughters prayer – emotional health

by Yvette van Niekerk December 14, 2022 Good morning, I want to pray for my granddaughters Gizel, Anabelle and Briana. Emotional development is so important in life. Father God, You know each girl, and I know You are the Creator of our bodies and mind. Lord create in Gizel, Anabelle and Briana the ability toContinue reading “Granddaughters prayer – emotional health”


“Yvette, you will meditate on it [the Word] day and night.” by Yvette van Niekerk Good morning, Today I want to speak to you about meditation. It’s something that has been weighing heavy on my heart these past few months. What is meditation? Meditation is when you read something – the Word of God. ThenContinue reading “Meditate”

Do you have defining moment?

Moments by Yvette van Niekerk Good morning The past couple of days, moments are coming up in every conversation. We do remember moments in our lives. I started to think of defining moments in my own life. The day each one of my children was born. I think about the day I decided to divorceContinue reading “Do you have defining moment?”

Granddaughter prayers

December 12, 2022 Today I want to pray for my Granddaughters, Gizel, Anabelle and Briana. O Lord my God, Lord today I want to praise your for my beautiful granddaughters … You created them as unique individuals. I want to pray asking You to help them appreciate their uniqueness.  Lord, my Lord build up theirContinue reading “Granddaughter prayers”