Square leaf knitting

By Yvette van Niekerk

Square leaf knitting
Mom used to knit these little squares and she made a beautiful bedspread for her double bed. I loved the little leaves sticking out. I lost my pattern for the square leaf blanket and I tried to knit this out of my head. To my surprise, I remembered the pattern. I am still tweaking it here and there.
When knitting it seems your brain remembers a lot more than you think. As I was knitting I picked up the pattern and have completed a couple of squres.
I showed the pattern to my mom and I hope she understands my thinking. I sat behind my PC and typed each row. I would knit one-row type the pattern on the page. It’s my best effort, and we hope she can knit a blanket going forward. The challenge was the ending but I realised I should have kept to my original stitches. I got this down now.

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