Book Review: A Talent for Trouble

Book Review:         A Talent for Trouble

Author:        Jen Turano

Personal Quality Rating:         4

Reviewed by:         Yvette van Niekerk


After reading a Most Peculiar Circumstance I now have the privilege of continuing the read.  Keeping in mind the story is still in the 1800’s and this is a Historical Romance Novel.  Miss Felicia Murdock is so upset and feels that her life has come to a still stand because of the love of her life.  Reverend Michael Frazer has taken another bride.  She believes at the age of 25 she is doomed to becoming a spinster. Then the lives of Miss Felicia Murdock and Mr. Grayson Sumner become intertwined and what an explosion.

This story is hilarious and once you start reading you actually don’t want to stop.  The quips in the book are fantastic and I laughed so much at all the funny circumstances Felicia gets involved in.  Her horse is named Thor but don’t be fooled by this strong name.

The story takes on an interesting twist and the plot thickens.  Loads of dangerous circumstances come into play.  Felicia has a tendency to attract all kinds of trouble, she helps elderly gentlemen and then finds herself in a pub.  With so much going on she attracts, even more, attention and Grayston comes to her rescue.  A fight erupts and her beautiful dress and hair are covered in alcohol.

After all of this Agatha is looking for a story and she gets Felicia to dress like a man while Zane is being dressed as a lady.  Their aim is to investigate the opium den and see what the Chinese men are up to.  Mr. Blackheart is Felicia’s bodyguard and she evades him.  While they are at the opium den Grayston also arrives, the plot thickens and to make matters worse the police arrive and arrests are being made.  Luckily Theodore is on the scenes and helps his friends.

Social / Historical

When reading the story you are moving into a love story with a lot of drama, but as I think about the story I think that the author wanted to convey her concern around the opium den.  The drugs that have made its way into the America’s.  The drama around the lives that were destroyed and the guilt that the person felt because of the drugs.

The constant worry for protection and safety.  How the this impacted a specific person’s life and how they wanted to stay out of the limelight to prevent being exposed.  But the love and affection that came through the story were awesome and it reminded me once again that good will always prevail.

Writing Style

The author wrote this book both evocation as well as common place.  The narrative is based on a number of peoples lives and how they intertwine.  Allowing the author the opportunity to continue a next story telling.  The story is really well thought out and there is a lot of intrigues as well as adventure and loads of laughter.

The ending is truly beautiful and you actually sit in awe as to the playing out of events.  Some big surprises also in the last couple of chapters which brings the twist into the tail, so to speak.

My Thoughts

A must read, I really enjoyed this story as I did the previous one and looking forward to the next one.  There is a lot of drama around friends, the fashion in those days are truly interesting but the thing I enjoyed most it the chivalry and the good manners that were displayed.  I would have loved to live in those days.

The way the author expresses herself goes beyond and above and I truly feel like I am one of the characters in the book.

I enjoyed the book from the first page to the last page, I would say it was an excellent read, it is definitely a book that I would read again.  I think you cannot get bored with these books.

Great job!


Book Review: Hosting the Supernatural

Book Review                    :             Hosting the Supernatural

Author                              :             Nicky van der Westhuizen (Apostle)

Personal Quality Rating :             5

Reviewer                          :             Yvette van Niekerk


Are you looking to grow spiritually?  Do you feel that you have hit “rock bottom?”  Then you should do yourself a favor and purchase this book.  It not only is insightful but teaches you truths from the Word of God.  The author’s personal experiences are portrayed in this book and there are many golden nuggets to be collected in the reading of this book.

The author has the ability to take a scripture and show you the relevance of the scripture and helps you connect the dots.

Once you start reading this book it will encourage you to study the Word of God (Bible), and I believe it will create a thirst and hunger and craving for a Supernatural encounter in your own life.  As I read the book I realized that I started to crave this awesome and wonderful hunger to grow spiritually.

Social / Historical Context:

The author’s message to the World is to reveal a supernatural encounter with the Lord God.  We all know and realize that there are many people interested in the “supernatural” sphere in this world.  What they and we do not realize is that our God is a “Supernatural Being” and we all are connected to God.  The difference is that when you are born again, you have an added benefit.  You are now able to contact God through the Holy Spirit (who lives within you).  The author wants to guide and give you the necessary keys to unlock the heavenly sphere to empower you as a Christian.  I believe that when I read this book I have taken so much from it, which enables me to understand God’s word and His purpose for my own life.  I feel more empowered and I feel that the author has inspired me to go deeper into the Word (Bible).

Writing Style:

The author enjoyed writing this book which comes across as being “inspired by the Holy Spirit” to my thinking.  “Hosting the Supernatural” I believe was written in the first person.  The writing style is evocation as well as common place.  As I read the book I felt the author narrates his own personal experiences.

This was to my thinking a well-written book and I also must say very insightful.  As a teaching tool, I would think a person will definitely grow spiritually.  This book is an easy read and the scripture is used in backing up the authors believes.

The aim of this book is to help Christian and Christian Leaders to rise up through the challenges of the day and take their place in this world with great truths and knowledge which will make them a force to be reckoned with.

My Thoughts:

This book was a great investment and I must be honest I enjoyed the read.  I also took the time to do a little Bible study around the topics that were highlighted and I feel confident in that it helped me grow spiritually.

The message in the book is of a positive nature and it will inspire a person positively.  In the course of a couple of weeks, I have come to a conclusion that I am able to see many circumstances in a positive light and my experience are positively charged.

To say the least, I believe the book has inspired me to look at my personal relationship with the Lord and to actually draw closer to the Lord.  It also made me realize that the Lord does want more for me and that I can come to Him with my hearts desires and hopes and dreams.

On purchasing this book, be warned, you may grow spiritually!  Yes, I absolutely enjoyed this book and it is on my bedside table for a referral.

Book Review: A Most Peculiar Circumstance

Book Review:           A Most Peculiar Circumstance

Author:           Jen Turano

Personal Quality Rating:           5

[The “Personal Quality Rating” is a score that I give to the book on a scale of 0 to 5 based on my personal liking/disliking of the book.  0 is bad and 5 is great!]

Reviewer:           Yvette van Niekerk


This Historical Romance Novel is written using the setting of the New York City.  The story starts with a beautiful young woman who finds herself in a peculiar position.  Arabella Beckett is in jail in Gilman with a young lady she rescued from precarious men.  A private detective comes to her and Miss James rescue.  The private detective and Miss Beckett don’t agree on anything and sparks fly at the onset of their meeting.

Miss Beckett who stands up for the Suffrage movement considers Mr. Theodore Wilder a bit of old-fashioned and set in his ways.  From the beginning of the story the two of them are at loggerheads and don’t find any common ground.  The reason for the private investor was to bring Miss Beckett back to New York City.

The characters in the story are so funny the author really knows how to get you laughing out load, I truly enjoyed the read.  The plot thickens and the story gets truly interesting with the ladies of the night and evil human traffickers.

Social / Historical Context:

As we have established this is a Historical-Christian romance.  The writer wants to narrate the struggle of women in 1800’s.  Focusing on women rights and this, of course, causes great trouble.  The woman is influenced by her and their husbands blame Arabella for the change in their wives.

The writer’s imagination is wonderful and I like the chivalry that she brings into play.  The gentlemen crack me up, their naughty antics and mannerisms.  Even the prostitutes are hilariously funny.

I feel that I have learned so much from this storytelling, the time was when women didn’t have much of a say.  Still, the men respected them and treated them properly, the good nature of the people are evident in how they wanted to help each other and stand up for each other.

Writing Style:

I believe the writing style is commonplace and a little evocation.  The writer is narrating the 1800 and the progress the women were making.  There is a plot to the story which uncovers some doggy happenings, and even uncovers a gang of people involved in human trafficking.  The plot thickens and the two main characters Theodor and Arabella are so interesting and funny and adorable all at the same time.  Once you start reading the story, you just cannot put the book down.

My Own thoughts:

I fell in love with Arabella from the very beginning, she is spontaneous, funny and a real live wire.  Her life is interesting and she is such an outgoing personality.  Once you get into the story you just cannot wait to see what she gets up to next.  Her vivacious and exciting personality is so catching and inspiring.  I admire the way the write, writes and her vocabulary is absolutely fantastic.  Creating a desire within myself to learn how to speak such beautifully in English.

For the romantic and people interested in reading the 1800’s stories this is a definite yes, you will truly enjoy it.  I must say this was such a beautiful story.

Book Review

Name of the Book:                                        The Power of Spoken Faith

Author:                                                             Don Gossett / E.W. Kenyon

Personal Quality Ration:                              5

[Remember, the Personal Quality Rating is a score that I give to the book on a scale of 0 to 5 based on my personal liking/disliking of the book.  0 is bad and 5 is great!]


This is a novella on spiritual living and the writer enjoys sharing his own life experiences with the reader.  I believe the writer’s aim was to help newborn Christians and other Christians to learn how to use the scripture to grow not only their faith but a spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus.

The writer knows what he is talking about and has written the book in such a manner that the reader can utilize all of the information to the readers best advantage.  I would say this book is a must for all Christians.

Social / Historical Context

The writer is writing from his own life experiences and how the scripture and a living relationship with the Lord of lights have affected his life.  The writer enjoyed writing this book, there are times in this book that I actually cried.  There are also times in this book that I laughed.  I had an epiphany experience with some of the scriptures that actually has come to life for me.  The writers want to help Christians in drawing closer to the Lord.  When you purchase this book, you will never regret it because it is a book that you will keep next to your bedside forever.  The learning in this book is awesome.

Writing Style

I believe the writing style in this book is definitely evocative and some common place.  The book is writing in the first person and depicts many life experiences the writer enjoyed and lived through.  From a personal perspective, I feel that it has enriched my spiritual life immensely.

My Thoughts

The book is well written, it is easy to read, the scriptures are very insightful.  The writer knows his topic and I believe that the writer is a Christian who is born again and living a spirit filled life.  The entire book grabs your attention and it’s difficult to put the book down because you feel that you might lose some insights.

I would definitely advise that you go and buy this book, it will change your life for the better, I have been struggling with so many problems and now I know the answers to them.  Read this book.

Book Review: The Secret code of the Dead

Name of the Book                          :           The Secret code of the Dead

Author                                                :           Charlie Purple

Personal Quality Rating               :           5

[My personal quality rating is a 5, the score that I give to the book on a scale of 0 to 5 based on my personal liking/disliking of the book.  0 is bad and 5’s are great!]


A Science fiction Novel is written using the setting of Dulwich, London as well as some travel to Karbala, Iraq.  This short story of 80 pages is beautifully written and tells a story of four friends.  The main character in the story is David who has been in love with Jen forever.  As a reporter, he has been assigned to travel to Karbala to report on the atrocities that have been taking place in Iraq.  On his travels to Iraq, Karbala he makes friends with Mustafa a taxi driver.

While back in London Hadrian his other friend who is a psychic and or medium is dabbling with some funky stuff.  As I read the story I cried and laughed and cried, the unraveling of this story is so amazing I enjoyed it once I sat down to read it.  The writer has probably some insights into the supernatural and is using this in his book.

The characters in the book are so interesting, I enjoyed the four main characters and definitely loved David and Jen.  Mustafa was funny and I can picture him in real live as well as his beautiful wife Layla.

Social / Historical Content

This is a modern day story which depicts real life events taking place in the world of today.  I believe the purpose of the story is to enlighten the reader of perhaps a supernatural realm.  A mystic and dream world that would be so wonderful, which in away made me wish it could happen.  The reality of the story is that we are dealing with some strange people around us.

People all over the world are basically the same, and we all go through different stages of life.  I felt David’s pain and I also felt his joy.

Writing Style

The writing style as I see it is evocative and commonplace.  It was an easy read and I loved the characters depicted in the story.  The writer knew what he wanted to share with his readers.  I also enjoyed telling the story.

The story narrates a circle of friends and their experience which intertwines with each other.  How they deal with something that comes into play unexpectedly.  The fact that they stand together was amazing.

My Thoughts

This science fiction novel is a real page-turner, I enjoyed all the characters depicted in the story and there was time I laughed and times that I cried.  I could picture some of the events and it was well written.   To be honest I believe the writer enjoyed telling the story.  He knew what he wanted to share and it was truly a lovely story.

The fiction was almost real; you have to read the story to get the gist of it.  I hope to see more of his books.


Book Review: Woman to Woman

Name of the Book:                         Woman to Woman

Author:                                              Joyce Meyer

Personal Quality Rating:                5


I love reading books that were written by this author; she is focused on teaching the Word of God and explaining how we are able to incorporate the word into our daily lives.  Woman to woman is one of those books that touch every aspect of a woman’s life.

The writer focuses on key issues that affect each and every woman at some stage in their lives.  I have found that each of these issues that have been highlighted was prevalent at some time in my life.   The book is easy to read and understand; constantly bringing the reader back to the Word of God with scriptures that make it understandable and how to incorporate the word into your own life.

I believe that because experienced each of the issues she highlighted it was easy to express her in such a way that other woman could relate.  The woman of today has a lot on their plates and as the writer says we all wear different “hats”.

Social/Historical Context

Woman to woman is based on the writers live experiences and how she learned to trust in God Almighty with all the issues she faced.  The message she wants to bring across is that we can do even better when we have someone on our team.  That someone is the Lord Jesus Christ.

I believe because the writer has a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ it is possible for her to reveal all the key elements to make one journey that much easier.

Writing Style

The writer definitely knows what she is talking about; she has personal experience in these matters and has valid answers which can assist a woman in similar circumstances.  The writing style is commonplace as well as evocation.    The writer is narrating her own life story and how she dealt with numerous circumstances with an ability to constantly draw on God’s help.

My thoughts

As Christian woman today we need to learn how to deal with issues in our lives, the writer has the ability to bring the Word of God into her writing, based on facts and circumstances.  The writer has to my mind a living relationship with the Lord God.

I believe many of the key issues that the writer wrote about are exactly what I have been struggling with in my own life and now I can see another person’s perspective on how to deal and relate to these issues.

You cannot fail in purchasing this book, it can only help you move forward in life and help you build a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Yes, I would definitely say this is a good read and you cannot go wrong in reading this well written, easy to read Book.

The Next Target

Name of the Book:                                    The Next Target

Author:                                                           Nikki Arana

Personal Quality Rating:                         5

[The Personal Quality Rating is a score that I have given to the book on a scale of 0 to 5 based on my personal liking/disliking of the book.  0 is bad and 5 is great!]


A gripping Christian Novella, which kicks off with a brutal killing of a young converted Muslim girl.  This was an honor killing.  The murderous Islamic tradition of family members killing one of their own for bringing dishonor to the family name.  Austia Donatelli recently widowed runs a Career Center to help Muslim people adjust to the American culture.  She employees a guy with the name of Zaki ben Hassan.  After she employed him she feels uncomfortable with his presence and tries to fire him.  He stays and the plot thickens.

Austia is constantly on her guard and watchful off Zaki, she just cannot trust him.  She is unaware of the dangerous people all around her and she makes the mistake of trusting a really deceptive and dangerous man.  The plot thickens and she tries to help a lady escape from her brutal barbering husband.  There are a number of characters in the story which makes this story exceptionally interesting.  The culture of the Muslims and the way they behave is described exceptionally well.

I like Austia but thought she was a little naïve and did not go with her gut.  This of course made the story actually seem real at times.  The intrigue and cunningness of some of the characters made me sit up and pay attention to the next couple of events.

The story takes you on an adventure you would not usually experience in life.  The best part is the ending and I really enjoyed it because you don’t see this coming.  I would say this was so unforeseen.

Social / Historical Content

I guess the story is truly based on two different religions and how the two come into contact with each other.  The most interesting part of the story is how the Christians work and help the Muslims and the conversions of Muslims into Christianity.  I think that the writer could have been a Muslim because of her vast knowledge of their customs and rituals.  Converting to Christianity which makes me envy her for her courage and writing style.

The story is well written and it is easy to fall in love with Austia.  Her innocence and her loving-kindness and her trusting most people, and her constant struggle with her own gut feelings.  Zaki is a surprise and you will see when you read this story, o my goodness.  Excellent!

Writing Style

The writing style to my thinking is that the author has the ability to keep her readers engaged and interested in what the next move in the story would be.  I found the book interesting and easy to read.  My thinking is that the story depicts both commonplace and evocation.

The plot thickens each time a new character comes into play and it is clear the writer knows what she wants to tell her readers.  I believe that she is a Christian and has a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus.

The knowledge and understanding of the Muslim community are revealed in this story telling and I learned so much of these people.

If you are a Christian and would like to know more about the Muslim Religion this story will reveal so much to you.  I enjoyed the read tremendously and I have a new perspective concerning the Muslims and as a Christian see them in a different light.

My thoughts

When I started to read the book I was thinking it would be based on a murder and then how the murder would be solved; involving the Muslim girl making it a hate crime.  I didn’t anticipate the two major religions to come into play so seriously.  As I continued my read I found that I learned so much about the Muslim community and the best part is how the writer gets the Word of God out to the Muslims.

As a Christian, I would recommend the book and I believe you too will enjoy the story.  I was surprised at the ending because I didn’t anticipate it.  But then with God, all things are possible.