People with a past.

by Yvette

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God uses the painful times in our lives to make us stronger. Getting through a difficult time and moving forward every day, never giving up. Today, I want you to thank God for what He is doing and can do through the trials you are facing. No, I’m not saying thank God for what you are going through right now, it might be a very difficult situation. But, I do want to encourage you to thank Him for the good He is producing through these trails.

Matthew 5: 3 CSB “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.”

And Psalms 34: 18 CSB “The LORD is near the brokenhearted; he saves those crushed in spirit.”

I have been going through some personal stuff for a long time, and to be honest, I thought this is never going to change. Then I realised God is busy in my circumstances. I saw and realised that He is also working on my side. God is working to help me change my mind and enable me to see new possibilities. It’s not easy and I struggle with negative thoughts. I am the person that will think the worst before something good.

God is showing me new possibilities. It struck me that these possibilities are faith – things I cannot see but believe in. I realised that without faith it’s impossible to please and be satisfactory to God. In God’s Word; the Bible. Hebrews 11 verses 6 “For however would come near God must (necessarily) believe that God exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him (out).”

I have been speaking to God and moving towards God by investing in my own deliverance. I heard that when we invest in something, we value and protect it.

So here I am investing in my own deliverance. God is drawing near to me. I will not allow the devil to take away my peace again.


Father God, I am asking that the Lord Jesus please be patient with me today. I also need to ask if the Lord Jesus will work with me through this problem I have of being negative and constantly moaning about things I have no control over. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for the insight and understanding to looking at my circumstance with new possibilities. Changing the way and learning to focus and trust that You are in control. Lord Jesus according to Jeremiah 31 verse 3 to 4 NKJV “I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with lovingkindness, I have drawn you … I will build you, and you shall be rebuilt.” Lord I am asking that You turn my mess into a hope for others, You know my struggles and I am holding onto You today. The same applies to today, I am asking that You will bless my work and my hands today, Lord that You will come into my life and lead me I need You. Holy Spirit You are welcome in my life today, please help in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen

One response to “People with a past.”

  1. Great post my dear. I give thanks to Him constantly, even through the hard times because not only have I conquered them, but they were lessons I needed to learn entering the next phase of my journey and always being able to light through the darkest moments.


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