Free and Forgiven

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November 17

Free and Forgiven.
Colossians 1:14 (TLB)
14 “Who bought our freedom with his blood and forgave us all our sins.”

If we understand the scripture set before us today. If we do, Jesus should have a dramatic impact on the way we are living right now. The Lord Jesus is in a league of His own when it comes to forgiveness of sins. I doubt I have the same way of dealing with forgiveness as He does. I hope that I don’t view this without knowing the implications for my sins. I reflect and meditate on what happened to the Lord Jesus. When Jesus Christ’s aggressors committed the ultimate crime, they executed their holy Creator.
I keep grudges against my fellow man, am I holding a horrible illegitimate grudge? If the Lord Jesus was able to forgive me of all my iniquities, then why do I still bear grudges against people who hurt me? So in all fairness do I emulate God’s grace in my life?

Abba Father, Lord it is by free grace that I have salvation through faith. And this salvation is not of myself, but it is the gift of You Lord. Today, LORD may I stay in Your grace, if I am proud or arrogant, please forgive me. Let Your Word be over my soul, mind and cleanse my heart. Without You Lord Jesus I cannot face this day. Thank You, for paying the ultimate price on the cross for my sins. All glory and honour due to Your Holy Name. Amen


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I say I am a Christian wife, an Author, Radio Presenter, a Blogger, a mother, and stepmother, a granny, and a Data Capture and Personal Assistant. I absolutely and unconditionally love the LORD my God, and my husband and children. I love to write devotionals about the Word of God – the Bible. I like to incorporate my feelings and understanding in my blogs. We all face challenges don't we, and for me, it is just as difficult as for the next person. I also get frustrated and irritated and cry, and after everything I have tried, I turn back to God. I seem to learn the hard way, just like a little child always wanting to try it myself before I ask Daddy for help. I would say that I am a people's kind of person, I feel their pain, and I love to laugh with them. I always aspire to see the very best in people, never judging and still considering what they might be facing as people there and then. On meeting people, I always place them in the highest bracket on my scale. I believe the very best of each person. I do hope you love reading my blogs and seeing what I am doing on my web page. In the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I bless you.

One thought on “Free and Forgiven

  1. This is resonating within my spirit. I once learnt that failure to forgive someone its a statement that the blood of Jesus Christ was not enough to forgive that person.So yes when look at it that way you will see how unforgiveness can be toxic.
    I say amen to the prayer above


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