Is there an interpretation to my dream?

In my dream, I dreamt of my deceased Dad?

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Is there an interpretation to my dream?

Dream: I was walking in a shopping centre with my sister, I didn’t see her face but I know it was her. We walked into a coffee shop and I immediately turned around to leave the shop. I saw Coke A Cola bottles stacked against the back wall. She said: “no, wait look there’s Dad.” We walked into the shop and against the wall were 3 tables with two chairs. My Dad and his second wife were drinking coffee. All the chairs were against the wall standing on their heads and the feet of the chairs to the ceiling. We took chairs and placed them down in front of my Dad. On the coffee table were sweets that looked like little umbrellas but only the cane was visible. I picked one up and said: “I don’t know why I’m so stingy lately.” My Dad passed away on 31 March 2008 and I have never dreamt of him until this morning.

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