“If anyone loves God.”

November 4

Photo by Adrian Cogua on Pexels.com

“If anyone loves God.”
1 Corinthians 8:3 (NKJV)
3 “But if anyone loves God, this one is known by Him.”

God is awesome and beautiful, He is our counsellor and our friend, and He loved each one of us before we loved Him. As I ponder on the words I read here, I want it to take root in my heart. If “I” love God, then “I” will be known by God. Does God know you? Yes, you, and I are. Remember, God knows your name (Isaiah 43 verse 1); God even knows where you live (Psalm 139). God called you by name.
These couple of verses reminds me that from the minute of my birth to the day I lay my head down; God knows me. He is omnipotent, all around us, we are His. I remind myself always that I am here for a reason and a purpose.
John 3 verse 16 reminds me of God’s unfailing love towards me. Today, I want to challenge you to meet Good in the pages of Scripture. Let the Word of God wash over you, cleanse you, and heal you.
When we focus on God’s love for our lives we see the Scripture is alive. The Spirit of God will take the Word of God and revive our souls. How does it work? Why does it happen? Easy – this book – the Bible is alive. Pulsating with life, God’s life.
It’s not a dead, book of theology, it’s aflame with life-giving power. Reading the Scriptures we breathe the breath of God. This renews, restores and rejuvenates our souls.
My heart’s desire is to stay focused on Scripture, I want the Word to become infused in my soul. Because I am a neurotic, unstable, middle-aged woman I need my feet planted in God’s Word. I want to encourage you to carefully study the Scripture. Because without it I do not believe I would make it.

Father God, thank You for giving me Scripture. I am asking You Lord, that when I read or listen to it, it will change me. Lord, I know You love me, I love You. Lord, open my ears and heart this morning so Your words can penetrate my heart so that I will never be the same. Lord, make me receptive to hear from You. I want to Your Holy Spirit to teach and guide me. Taking me to the next level in my life. Thank You, Lord, in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ. Amen

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