God, please deal with my self-centeredness

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“Everything connected with getting our own way … is killed off from good.” Galatians 5: 24 Msg.

I have read that people speak an average of nine million words a year, and more than half are: “I, me, my, mine.” When we are followers of Christ Jesus then we learn to die to ourselves. We know self-centeredness doesn’t give up without a fight. In the Bible, we see that the apostle Paul writes, “Everything connected with getting our own way … is killed off for good.” But self-interest won’t roll over and die, it must be killed.

We fight this battle daily, we have a tendency to cling to our own interests with a death grip. Matthew 20 verses 27 NKJV we see Jesus telling His disciples, “whoever desires to be first … let him be your slave.” In those days slaves were the lowest of employees. That means I have to sacrifice my own interests in serving others. God will leave me with a reminder showing me the stubbornness in my life.

The apostle Paul writes:, “So I wouldn’t get a big head, I was given the gift of a handicap to keep me in constant touch with my limitations.” 2 Corinthians 12: 7 msg. Thinking about my handicap, I have difficult relationships. What is your handicap? A habit your battle? A financial shortfall? A physical ailment? Hmm, why isn’t God taking it away?


Good morning Abba, Father, Lord my stubbornness is difficult relationships. I am confessing Lord, I am not the person You want me to be. Until I deal with my negative attituded towards people, I cannot move forward. I find it difficult to serve others, Lord. I always think of myself first and then the next person. I have become selfish and self-centred. As I face my stubbornness today, please let the Holy Spirit guide me. Help me make the right decisions and take care of the people You have put in my life. Let me remember that I need to be a servant at heart, serving is part of what You did Lord Jesus. Now, help me to keep up Your good work. Facing my handicap today, help me see others through Your eyes, taking care of them. Help me be kind and watch my words. In the name of Jesus Christ, I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over my own life and the lives of the people all around me. Amen.

2 thoughts on “God, please deal with my self-centeredness

  1. Oh, how appropriate to my need! It is so hard for me to really put others first, particularly in what seems like little things like taking the best parking space or not choosing the best piece of chicken, or largest piece of cake. I’m glad I seldom get tempted with large things; small ones get me down. I’m needing this prayer with you.

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