Silhouette Girl Chocolate Cake

by Yvette van Niekerk

Silhouette girl

Today I baked a chocolate cake, and covered it in purple fondant, placed a black silhouette of a girl holding out her hand. On her hand, I placed a 10 and loads of different colored hearts. I also made a pink fondant bow with white dots.
The little girls will be turning 10 years old and I also made 6 chocolate cupcakes with purple icing sugar and green. Placing a 10 on each cupcake with two little hearts.
It was a painstaking day, and when it’s so cold it’s difficult to roll out the fondant to the right thickness.
I find the fondant has lost its elasticity because it’s been so cold and the fondant doesn’t want to take on the shape I want it to. In the summer I struggle with the fondant as it starts to melt in the heat so there isn’t a happy medium presently. HaHa
Still I enjoyed decorating this cake and I hope my client will love what I have done with the cake. Another masterpiece by myself. Teehee ….
Blessings and enjoy your cake dearie!

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