The Will of God, lives forever.

by Yvette van Niekerk

Photo by Pixabay on

July 19

The will of God lives forever.

1 John 2: 17 (AMP)

17 “The world is passing away, and with it; its lusts [the shameful pursuits and ungodly longings]; but the one who does the will of God and carries out His purposes lives forever.”

  A million-dollar question, how much time do you spend with God? Do you have a personal relationship with God? Are you doing the will of God? These are tough questions and thinking about it. I wonder how many can honestly answer them. As I grow older, I realize that everything that seemed to be of high importance has lost it glamour and shine.

I have also realized that when you lust after things, it fills your life, but you are never happy. One thing you need to remember is that by asking God into your life, things change. You view life from a different perspective.

The constant craving and long to do God’s will should be a testimony to each of us. By doing God’s, will we carry out His purpose for our lives forever?


Lord, hear my heart, I crave and long to do Your Will, help me to carry it out so that Your purpose can be seen in my life forever. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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