A very tall cake

by Yvette van Niekerk

My customer asked me to bake them a very tall cake, it should have six layers, and they wanted it with a pink chocolate drip, with gold numbering and sweets to top it off.

I had to bake, three layers of vanilla cake, and three layers of chocolate cake. To my surprise, I used 1.5 kg of white butter and 3 kg of icing sugar.

I now understand that this cake does not want to be rushed. It needs to stand and then you can proceed to ice the cake. The challenge I faced with the icing was it kept on making little wholes in the surface of the cake. I still am not sure how I can rectify this but I think with practice I might be able to make the cake super slick.

So here is the end product. Do you you have any suggestions as to how I may improve on my skills?
Thank you

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