I cannot do it alone.

by Yvette van Niekerk

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

July 6

I cannot do it alone.

Numbers 11: 14 (AMP)

14 “I am not able to carry all these people alone because the burden is too heavy for me. “

  No man is an island.” We cannot always go it alone, and there are times in our lives that we need people to help us. As I grow older, I have come to a point in my life where I believe I need help. In the “old days,” I would be able to do so many things all at once.

These days I cannot do as much as I used to. When it comes to business, I think the same principle will apply. To make a success of your business, you would have to have people joining you and working alongside you. My friend owns her clinic, and I know without a doubt that she would not be able to run a successful business if it was for her family and friends helping her. The way forward is always better when you have God as your partner, and you have friends and family helping you too.


Lord God, You knows we are planning to open our own company. Please, will You give us the necessary wisdom, insight, and understanding to act accordingly and invite the right people to join in our business? Helping us to get established and to draw the market we need to make it a great success. Strengthen us and help us in Jesus name, Amen!

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