by Yvette van Niekerk

June 30


Proverbs 17: 4 (AMP)

4 “An evildoer gives heed to wicked lips, and a liar listens to a mischievous tongue.”

  Matthew 18, verses 15 to 17, a discussion takes place around a brother who sinned against someone. It says, “that if you can speak to him/her about the problem directly and try and sort it out.” And if he heard you and you sorted out the issue great job. If you aren’t able to sort out the problem, go and ask a couple of fellow believers and sit down and discuss the issue. If he doesn’t listen to them, take it to the church and if he doesn’t listen to the church, treat him like a pagan or tax collector. But don’t go and gossip about him.

Proverbs 20 verse 19 says: “A gossip betrays a confidence;” this person has no regard for other people. They enjoy the moment of glory and fame. “Did you hear?” The moment someone says: ‘did you hear,’ let us stop the conversation. It’s rude, and we are getting a second-hand impression of this person. Speak directly to the person.


O LORD, my God, please forgive me if I speak ill of my family and friends. Gossiping isn’t something I do, but should I talk about the evil of anybody, please Holy Spirit show me. I need to be healthy and courageous. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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