Backed into a corner

Fans can drive you to do most anything. But I agree with you keep writing your own stories. We need variety in our lives 🙂

Livian Grey

The beauty of having a lack of success is you don’t have an all knowing, all powerful publisher who once loved you for the money you brought into their bank accounts forcing you to keep writing for a series that had phenomenal success, when you’re completely over the characters/world you’ve created. It creates fatigue for you and the reader, but the publisher insists upon it because money.

If I decide to keep going with a concept, it’s because I want to revisit the world. When a publisher dictates that an author continue with a series, no matter if it’s genuinely finished or had open-ended plot lines, you’re essentially ruining it for people. Fans of certain series have flocked to YouTube and Twitter to complain about the demise of their beloved book series. I haven’t caused a generation of kids to pick up books, and the fact someone did is a…

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