2018 Resolution

Psalm 119: 105

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to guide my path.

I don’t know about you but I write a couple of things down for the New Year and forget all about it. Losing weight is always something I want to do and in the end, I forget about that too.

I find the problem with a New Year’s Resolution is that sometimes I am unrealistic, I write down things that seem to be impossible and by the end of February I have lost interest.

This year I did the same thing, the only difference is I decided to write my New Year’s Resolution differently. I started off with God’s word, I am reminded that each and every Word in God’s Bible cannot return to Him void. I then prayed for guidance and asked for insight, understanding and knowledge.

I didn’t write down, a new car, a new house, new kids – no, I thought about it differently.  The Word of God said that we should first seek God and all the rest will be added to us. Did you chat it? Yes added to us.

Life can be difficult and it can be easy but to my thinking, God has a good plan in place for my life, a plan and a future to prosper me and not to bring me harm.

That is why I can take up God’s word and know it is a lamp onto my feet and a light which guides me every day.


Heavenly Father, thank You, for Your Word, the Bible, this year help me use it to my advantage, help me become more and more like the Lord Jesus, and less the egotistic person I am. In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ my Lord and saviour, Amen.





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