When we pray

Psalm 39: 12 NOG “Listen to my prayer, O Yahweh.  Open your ear to my cry for help.  Do not be deaf to my tears, for I am a foreign resident without, a stranger like all my ancestors.”

As an intercessor, I realize that when I pray to the Lord my God I need to be open to receiving a vision or an answer through God’s word or even while speaking to friends.

I have witnessed so many answered prayers for family and friends it amazed me so.  I believe God is looking for men and women who are willing to come before Him and intercede for our families and friends.

Sometimes we fall to the ground it feels like we are just not being heard.  As I cry out to the LORD in humble prayer asking that He will listen as I cry for help.  That He will see my tears as I feel that I am a stranger in this land and I need help.

Do you need someone to stand in agreement today with you about something you are worried about?  Do you feel alone and that no one seems to understand what it is you are facing?

You are very welcome to drop me an email and I will pray with you and ask the Lord to help you solve your problems.  We know that when there are more than one praying about a specific problem, God hears and will address it.


Humbly, Father, we pray for guidance, we pray for wisdom and we pray that You will touch our hearts, soul, and minds.  Whatever it is that is driving us crazy today, we bring it to You in humble prayer.  Please Abba Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, help us.  Amen


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