And here it is…

Awesome, congratulations!

Livian Grey

Live to Tell is now available! It’s incredible to see this in print (at least electronically, I’ve yet to see the paperback version) and to think about the journey it took to come to this point. When something goes from a mere intangible thought to a finished draft to a genuine book, it’s surreal in a way to see you’ve made something from basically nothing. I’m really excited (and very scared) now it’s out there. All writers are sharing a piece of themselves when they present a book to the world, any judgement placed upon it is a judgement placed upon them, like any type of art.

So I hope when you get the chance to read it, you enjoy it, and if you don’t, tell me why, I’m open to any criticism right now. And believe me, I’m prepared. I’ve already put it through my mental ringer.

Available now…

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