via Daily Prompt: Hesitate

The funny thing in life is those who hesitate are lost, my thinking is when you hesitate something is wrong.  Be sure of what it is you are tackling and then carry on, the double-minded man or woman are the ones who hesitate.

I believe that when you take a chance on anything, go for it with all your might, or you will lose.  No hesitation, make it happen.

I have also found that you need to have a good attitude in your own life which turns things around for you.  God is watching us each and every day, despite what people think or say, each one of us is going to give an account of our own lives.

We are constantly reminded to have faith in the Lord Jesus and to trust and believe in His name because He is the truth and the way.  Every person who hesitates will be lost, there will be a day when the invitation is no longer there.

So from my point of view, do not hesitate, go for it with all your might and stay positive.  😉



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