Imagine this:  you are sitting on a bench outside your house in the back yard, the trees are filled with all kinds of birds and the sound of their bird’s song is ear deafening.  Especially in the early hours of the morning, when they just seem to wake up, the sound is so beautiful it reminds me of songs that they are presenting to the Lord God.  Thanking the Lord for a beautiful new day.

Then turn your head a little to the right and hear the sound of the barking dogs as people walk past the house going to work.  They are jumping up and down against the fences and you can hear the rattling of the fences as their paws push against the gates.

Now turn your head a little to the left and listen to the sounds that are coming from inside your house.  The rattling of dishes, the pushing through of steam into the front end of the kettle causing the whistle to blow alerting you that the water is boiling, it is ready for use.

We have all these sounds around us and the best is when you are sitting in your car on the highway going to work and the cars are all making different sounds.  Some are blowing their horns, others have load music playing and others are just siting watching the rest of the people.

Thank the Lord God for ears to hear the sounds all around us, we are so blessed!

via Daily Prompt: Sound


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