Picture this:  You and a friend decide to go to a restaurant to order your favorite dish, “Hot Pot.”  You take a seat and order your drinks, place your order for the “Hot Pot” and chat while you wait.

The waiter approaches you with the food placing the plate before you.  As you pick up your fork the food looks suspect but because you have etiquette and protocol you proceed to place the food into your mouth.  Now imagine this, the potatoes are half boiled and cooled down to room temperature.  The butter with tomatoes and onions are half warmed up and to top it off they forgot all about the chilies which make this dish so desirable.

The food is lukewarm and not steaming hot as you would expect and you can hardly eat it because the butter hasn’t melted properly it leave a greasy taste in your mouth.  This is the same for Christian who pretends to worship God.  People act like they love God with their mouths they tell people what a great God they serve but in truth they actually do not serve God.  Their hearts are somewhere else.

Revelation 3: 16 NKJ

“So then because of thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

via Daily Prompt: Lukewarm


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