As I sit here and look out onto the law from my study the weather seems to indicate that there will be a storm tonight.  I went outside and took off the washing from the washing line because I would not want it to be soaked in rain.  It is clear that I am expecting rain.

To top it off my expectation is that my husband will be arriving anytime soon, with the weather looking the way it is, I am almost certain that he is going to be late.  It might be raining on the roads he is traveling on.  The weather report indicated that a storm is brewing over the Mozambique channel and moving into the coast over into the inland and we are closest to the storm.

The expectation is that the storm will become a cyclone and they already named the storm “Dineo,” which is moving into Mpumalanga where we live.  The air already has cooled down and it has an iciness.

The probability that we are going to have an electrical outage is very possible because the weather always affects our electricity.

via Daily Prompt: Expectation


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