Many people think that I approach my life too seriously, that I should learn how to relax and learn to let go.  The problem I find with this kind of statement is that they don’t understand my point of view.  As a Christian, I take my Christian live seriously.

The seriousness of studying the Bible, learning how to become a true Christian and having a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in this day and age.  Striving to become more and more like the Lord Jesus, there is the seriousness.  You cannot be like a jumping Jack doing anything you please.  You have to consider where you find yourself and know who you are in Christ.

We are called to live holy lives and I believe we need the spirit of the fruit which is love and patience, kindness and gentleness, self-control to name but a view.  Yes, for all intense purposes I am a very serious person.  My values are drawn from the Bible and I strive to live a good and sober life.  Constantly striving to build my personal relationship with a Living God and drawing as much inspiration from Him.

Sticking to my values makes me seem serious.


via Daily Prompt: Seriousness


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