How to live a positive life

Something I have come to realize is that we all are struggling with something personal. Life can through you a curve ball and things can change within minutes.  What can we do to change that?  How can we live a positive life?

I believe that many times it’s our “Attitude” that determines our outlook on life.  Some people are just positively charged and nothing but nothing will get them down.  Others struggle with a negative view and cannot always see the positive side.  My advice is to think about the positive side of a matter.  Let me give you an example:  I was doing the laundry and my goodness I forgot the tap on.  Water was running over the washing machine and the laundry room was flooded.  Initially, I would freak out.  This time I took a deep breath and though, oh well may it will help me wash the floor.

It is also important to improve on your game if you are good at what you do.  Strive to “be better” and then after a while, you should be “excellent.”

Something else which happens a lot lately is that I “cry” about everything.  Then my daughter told me that crying is a way for our bodies to let things go.

My husband’s favorite saying “The “decisions” you make today affects your tomorrow.”

Something else to consider is that you probably see things from your point of view and not really as they are.

So let me recap:

*  “Stay positive by checking your attitude.”

*  “Excel at what you are doing.”

*  “Cry it is the best way to relieve your stress.”

*  “Your decisions – affect your tomorrow.”



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